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ICT for Knowledge Democracy

“ICT for Knowledge Democracy” is the component to create a multilingual portal as a platform for democratising knowledge assimilation and collaboration along the Northern Indian Ocean (NIO) region. Since this region is historically considered to be having one of the oldest and sustained material, intellectual and cultural exchange, inspired by the recent improvement in internet and mobile coverage in the region, the ICT component of this collaborative project aspires to use this digital potential and partner with different individuals and organisations working on the ground to facilitate a platform for knowledge creation and dialogue. 

This component aims at pluralising different kinds of knowledge production through locally derived social learning and innovative dissemination techniques.  They will also be used to depict the commonalities, inequalities, and diversities that are identified spatially and temporally across the NIO region. It will be used to project the outputs of other components of the project which focuses on transboundary coastal and marine resource depletion, forced migration, and climate-change-driven adaptation. It will aid in opening up multiple opportunities and to generate action that can bring changes to the lives of the region’s historically marginalised communities, which is the core objective of forming the “Southern Collective”. 

The platform and the tools we create will help academics, practitioner experts, communities, and government representatives across the NIO region to come together, engage and have mutually beneficial dialogue and transform them into actions on the ground with maximum impact, thus facilitate the creation of a “Southern Collective” in its true essence over a long term.