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The review article will explore the existing information and communication technologies (ICT) tools available and used by different coastal communities and organisations across the world. This review aspires to focus on the technological divide that exists on the ground across the Northern Indian Ocean region and associated limitations that hamper the possibilities of using the ICT among the coastal communities across the Northern Indian Ocean (NIO) region. 

While there are many organisations and companies which create ICT tools, our review tries to understand the motivation/consideration that led to the creation of the tools. Considering the uniqueness of the coastal communities in the NIO region as compared to other coastal regions across the world, the study will also critically look into the adaptability and practicality of the various technologies available.

We have created two openly accessible ICT tools to be used in future by interested persons and organisations across different NIO regions. The tools pertain to the availability, accessibility, quality, utilisation of the ICT tools, and the challenges which the individuals and organisations face while implementing/using these tools. Future insights from such tools will provide an understanding of ICT and can pave way for future studies and activities aimed at reducing the inequalities in the NIO region.

The tools have been designed using the free and open source software KoboToolbox and the data after addressing the data privacy requirements, will soon be openly available to download and use. Please find below the links to access the surveys:


Link to the tool for individuals:
Link to the tool for organizations:

Links to access surveys: