in the art of migration
Stillness and Movement !.png

This part of ‘Migration Diaries’ is conceived as an art project. Here, we use the lens of stillness and movement to represent migrant lifeworlds. The exact form of this project is still in-the-making. However, as an start point, we think of this project as an anthology of five disparate but connected stories which help us better understand complex negotiations between migrant lives, institutions and structures of power.


A few methodological steps…

The broad idea is to weave local embodied experiences of migrant workers into climate change induced environmental shifts and global policy regimes that deeply influence migration practices.

We plan to work with artists, researchers, journalists, and activists.  To ensure that our interviewees are a part of the entire art project, beyond just our interviews, we will adopt ‘member-checking’ as an internal disciplining method.

The ‘data’ we generate will be shared with people we interview making sure their feedback and views are incorporated in the art installation. 

If mindfully done, an art installation can be less intimidating and accessible. To tell stories that are accessible to a larger audience we (researchers-activists) need to work with artists who engage with local art forms that have traditionally been used for knowledge dissemination.

The hope is that in such a gathering of multi-disciplinary practitioners and academics we arrive at common ground and a multidimensional tableau of the Indian Ocean art of migration.